A lightweight dashboard to automate your social media content

Whether you're a social media agency, professional or freelancer - your time matters - especially when you're managing multiple clients.

Warbler helps you save time, schedule/queue content and help organise your social media accounts.

Have you ever faced one of these frustrations:

  • Do you find it time consuming juggling between Instagram, Facebook & Twitter?
  • Does it get complex tracking when you need to put content out OR if you've already put content out?
  • Do you hate having to keep logging in an out of different platforms for different clients?
  • Do you hate having to use your mobile to post to Instagram?

...if so, we've might have the solution for you.

Warbler let's you:

  • Set-up specific times you want to post at, so you never have to think about the best time again.
  • Post on multiple channels at once, with the ability to fine-tune your content.
  • Add text, links, videos and images, all from a simple unified interface.
  • Track when your content will be sent out.
  • Manage unlimited clients with multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard.

...all without an expensive monthly fee. check out how it works »

Ideal for social media agencies/professionals who manage different clients with multiple Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Buy Warbler ($149)

(it's self-hosted - no monthly fees!)

Unlimited Clients

Warbler was designed for agencies and professionals managing MANY clients. It's super easy to add clients and group their social media accounts together.

Photo & Video

Warbler can post both photos (jpeg, png) and videos (mp4). It also supports multiple photo posts for Twitter.


Set-up specific times for individual social media accounts and add your posts. Warbler will queue them and post them at the relevent times for ALL your clients!

Multiple Social Accounts

Warbler supports Facebook (profiles, pages & groups), Twitter and Instagram. We'll be adding LinkedIn, Google+ and more as soon as possible.

Easy Installation

Super easy to install, just make sure you have the right server requirements. It's built with Laravel.


Need to post a specific time? Warbler has that too! Simply set a date and hit the "Add to schedule" button. When it's time your post will appear on the relevant social media channel.