How it works

Automatic scheduling | Unlimited Clients | Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Warbler has many features, but here's a very brief overview of how it works and how you could use it for your clients:

1. Register all your clients in the dashboard

Once you add all your clients in the dashboard you can start connecting their social media accounts


2. Connect your clients social media accounts

There are two ways to do this. You can give them a login so they can connect their own accounts or you can ask them for their logins for the different social media accounts so you can connect them yourself.


3. Organise the different social media accounts into groups

To make your life easier, you can group accounts together - either by client or your own custom group. Then when you want to schedule a batch of posts you can simply select the group or client.


4. Set-up a posting schedule.

You can select the days you want to post and also the times of the day you need. Once you set-up a posting schedule for each social media account you can simply add posts to a queue without always setting a scheduled date.


5. Select the social media accounts you want to post to and compose your message.

Instead of writing the same content for all social media accounts you can compose one single message with videos and photos and later fine-tune them. You can also set-up a custom scheduled post, rather than a queue.


6. All your posts will be saved in the queue. You can sleep :)

That's pretty much it. You'll no longer need to wait for specific times to post your content.